Free Teacher Resume TemplatesWelcome to this wiki. What is contained here is a list of resources for teachers who want to find other blogs by teachers who are working in their subject area. If you have some suggestions, please add them and make sure you link to the site as well as for Resume Services
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When you have added the link please write a brief note about where this person writes from and what their focus is to help people better decide which blogs to add.
A huge starting point list is this one
This is the support blogging wiki and it is a huge list of all sorts of blogs - general ones about education both Australian and international and if you want some blogs to read go here!

If you are really starting to build a PLN and are using twitter to connect with teachers of like interests- here is a fantastic wiki Twitter4teachers - with lots of teacher twits by subject interest area. If you are really wanting to get connected try using Plurk and here is a wiki Plurk for Educators which will give you lots of fascinating plurkers to chat with. Go forth and connect!!
If you are looking to start building up your range of resources for teaching using technology to improve learning this wiki of resources created by Free Technology for Teachers -it is full of wonderful ideas and goodies organised by possible subject area. Perhaps you could consider using Delicious or Diigo as possible bookmarking sites to keep a record of the sites you select as useful.