Here is a list of blogs by teachers whose focus is Maths.

Jackie Ballarini Continuities
A blog by a maths teacher in the suburbs of Chicago which explores the integration of mathematics and ICT.

Linda Shardlow. First Person Secondhand Third Dimension
Linda has been teaching Mathematics at different levels in Victorian schools for over twenty five years and is exploring technology and the teaching of mathematics

Joseph Papaleo Papajoe
Joseph has been teaching mathematics at a Victorian private school and has been blogging about ICT and maths since 2006.

Tom Barrett ICT In My Classroom
Tom is a primary school teacher in England who is doing exceptional things with ICT in all subject areas, but his favourite is maths

Other websites you may like to check out.
Math -a-tube
This is a site designed for parents to help their chiild learn Maths and it has a great range of videos of how to do many maths operations K-8.
A great collection of brain teasers and exercises have a look!
Free Tech For Teachers Maths Resources Page
Awesome set of resources for the interested maths teacher!!
Whiteboards in Maths
Some great starting points if you are able to use a whiteboard