Blogs by teachers who teach science

Darren Kuropatwa A Difference
Darren is a highly recognised and widely read teacher- blogger and presenter who writes about Maths and Scjience teaching with ICT Neochontesin Winnepeg, Mannitoba, Canada.

Britt Gow Technoscience
Britt is a science at a small P-12 school in Victoria She is attempting to use technology to improve her students grasp on science. Very practical ideas

Roland Gesthuizen Plakboek
Roland is a very experienced teacher in the science/ maths area who has been blogging and prsenting at conferences about his work . A great read.

Andrew Douch Douchie's Blog
Andrew is a teacher of Science in a Victorian High school and also has a very highly recognised podcast about biology. Heaps of resources here.

Neochontes (?) In the Know Now
Cany find any information about the author but it is recommended as a high school science blog

Danny Nicholson Teaching Science
Danny is a Science teacher-trainer. This blog was set up to supplement lesson ideas for his Primary school PGCE students.

Gemma Young Snapshot Science
Gemma is an experienced science teacher who writes about topical news stories, how they can be used in lessons and uploads original, downloadable resources.

Other Great Websites you might like to check out.
The Wild Classroom
features a collection of podcasts and videos for science classrooms. One aspect of The Wild Classroom that impressed me was the Biomes of the World Map. The Biomes of the World map allows students to explore the map and watch an informational video about each biome.

Untamed Science


Simple Science Videos on Vimeo
Videos on science subjects which are downloadable and can be used to introduce new topics

Nine Planets

This website is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of the planets, moons and other objects in our solar system.

Free Tech for teachers Science Resources Page

Virtual Lab

Whiteboards in Science

Science News for kids

Bytesize Science
A podcast by the American Chemical society for schools - you can subscribe in Itunes.