Here are some blogs of teacher librarians.

Judy O'Connell Hey Jude
Judy is a very experienced teacher librarian at St Josephs College, Hunters Hill NSW and has a huge following for her blog. She is very interested in the use of virtual worlds in an educational context.

SLAV blog Bright Ideas
A blog by the State Library Association of Victoria designed as a repository of great ideas for librarians wishing to use Web 2.0 technologies

Jenny Luca Lucacept- intercepting the web
Jenny is a teacher librarian at Toorak College in Mt Eliza Victoria and has a very well informed blog about trying to incorporate web 2.0 into her school.

Brave New Word Tanya Shenko is a librarian and a blogger. She writes' I’m a teacher librarian at Whitefriars College, Donvale, Victoria, and I’ve come from a teaching background - English and LOTE (French, German, Russian). As a teacher I sometimes felt frustrated that I had to focus on teaching content and skills from a specific curricular area.'

Rhondda Tristania Rhondda's reflections- wandering about the web
A terrific blog of resources and reflections - Rhondda works in a boy's secondary school in Melbourne.